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APP 2017 returned to Green Valley Ranch in Henderson, Nevada.

Traci Stein - Traci Jason Betty White_edited_edited.jpg

Traci Stein - Traci Jason Betty White_edited_edited.jpg



Brett Carstens - dscf1565edit4BW-13.jpg

Brett Carstens - dscf1565edit4BW-13.jpg

During his presentation at the Applied Precognition Project 2017 conference in Las Vegas, Dr. STEVE BRAUDE shared a video of Ariel Farias levitating a table, filmed in 2014 in Buenos Aires. Above is a brief excerpt. Braude's research involving Farias is presented in the following paper: Juan Gimeno & Dario Burgo (2017), Laboratory Research on a Presumably PK-Gifted Subject, Journal of Scientific Exploration Vol. 31, No. 2, pp. 159–186.

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