Free Webinar -

Apply Your Natural Precognitive Capabilities using Associative Remote Viewing:


Free Webinar for learning about ARV (Associative Remote Viewing) and applying it to predicting an outcome to a major league baseball game :-)


The objective of this webinar is to "teach-by-participants-doing" an online approach for applying precognition.  Precognition is not perfect; however, the edge over chance can be significant.  The online approach, which you may choose to continue using, permits the collection of your data over many predictions so you can track and improve your performance.


"Learn by doing" webinar is:

  • This Friday May 15 - Noon PT = 3:00pm ET = 7:00pm GMT  [approx 2 hours long]

  • Register by emailing

  • I will then email you the link for the webinar


You will be doing one ARV session and the group prediction will be shared with all.  There will be a follow-up webinar to discuss and do the important post-Outcome session, called FeedBack:    


FeedBack on Monday May 18 - Noon PT = 3:00pm ET = 7:00 GMT  [approx 1 hour long] The webinars will be recorded for later viewing by participants


Join us if you can,



Applied Precognition Project (APP)