Hello friends,

I am offering a scholarship to provide a $1000 bankroll for 100 days. Recipients receive a check at the end of the duration for 100% of anything over $1000. After which, the scholarship will be replenished for the next recipient.


$1000 being invested for real...by you or?


I have money invested in a 10 Dimes account that I have not touched for over a year. I thought it would be a good opportunity to at least have someone utilizing the account... rather than have it do nothing. There is currently $1000 in that account. The recipient will basically be using that 10 dimes account. After 100 days. I will write them a check for anything over $1000. Basically.... the benefit is that they aren't using their own funds. So, if they bankrupt the account... it's nothing on them. It would be sad. but... they suffer no financial loss. And if they make money. Great!


What ARV techniques can be used?


It's totally up to you. I'm just providing them the $1000 account as a platform. Your methods. Your team. Your theories.


WHY wave rights?

Because I will be tracking your progress and broadcasting your results. I'll probably write a piece about it. Real Names. 100% disclosure. Your reputation will be on the line because I'll be freely passing the information around AND the information will be available to anyone. Obviously this is all AFTER... the end of your 100 days, that I will share your results.


How to apply?


Application:   http://bit.ly/anomalouscognition






After 100 days. I will replenish the account back to $1000 and find another recipient....

I encourage anyone involved in APP to give this a shot. If you have any questions. Feel free to contact me.  alexispoquiz@gmail.com



Alexis Poquiz