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Tom McNear         

The RV and Analysis Sessions in ARV

The Feedback Session

in ARV

Working With and Being Trained by Ingo Swann



Dean Radin



Joe McMoneagle

Psychic Activities of Non-US Countries


Steve Braude

Strangest Psi/Paranormal Events (non-RV) with Good Evidence


Marty Rosenblatt

Practical Precognition as a Precog Pro

Flex your ARV skills for fun, learning and potential profit!

6 predictions 


APP 2020

May 1-3

Zoom Webinar Workshop

Join us for APP's annual conference--a long weekend and informal

gathering of like-minded people who have a passion for applying their

precognitive ability and want to hear from and interact with leaders in the field.


As part of this online event, we will make 6 predictions using

Associative Remote Viewing. The important "events"

for us are the Remote Viewing, Analysis, and FeedBack Sessions…

plus wise wagering.

No experience with RV or ARV is required.

Sign up today!

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(includes $55 one-year membership)                                                 



New! Single-day prices for Full Members only

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Friday, May 1 - $100
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Saturday, May 2 - $100
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Sunday, May 3 - $100
NOTE: Webinars from this online conference will only be
available after the conference to registered participants.
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