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For APP 2020 conference participants
APP 2020 Webinar Conference Presentations


May 1-3

Please do not share any of these files without permission. 


May 1

Marty Rosenblatt Welcome and Associative Remote Viewing Overview


Tom McNear begins at 22:11  The Remote Viewing Structure in ARV


     Independent Analysis Review tool

Due to technical difficulties, we have substituted Tom's

5/6/20 webinar on analysis for his feedback talk at the

conference on Friday afternoon.

Tom McNear "Importance of Analysis"


     Feedback Session Review tool

Dean Radin "Entanglement"


May 2

Russ Targ: "No Mind-body Problem: Finite Body, Infinite Mind"

Marty Rosenblatt: "ARV and Financial Instruments"

Tom McNear: "Working with and Being Trained by Ingo Swann"

Joe McMoneagle: "Psychic Activities of Non-US Countries"

May 3

Paul Smith: "Tribute to Mel Riley"

Steve Braude begins at 32:11: "Strangest Psi/Paranormal Events with Good Evidence"

Tom McNear, Paul Smith and Marty Rosenblatt: "Ethics, Morality and the Consciousness Paradigm Shift"

Sean McNamara: begins at 51:06 - Intro to Three-choice Roulette 

Marty Rosenblatt: "Practical Precognition as a Precog Pro"

The following videos were shown to the viewers while analysts were judging their transcripts:

“Learning to Use Extrasensory Perception" with Charles T. Tart

"PsiWars" with Dean Radin

“The Ideogram Controversy in Remote Viewing" with Paul H. Smith 

Banned TED Talk about Psychic Abilities  by Russell Targ
“Making sense of psi”  with Dean Radin

"My Stroke of Insight" with Jill Bolte Taylor


The ORIGINAL remote viewing manual, created in 1985 by Tom McNear

"How to do spoon bending" video -- Psychokinesis with Sean McNamara

FOIA Electronic Reading Room

Mind Possible's Renegade Mystic Scholarships for ages 16-25  from Sean McNamara 

     Note: Apply before 6/30/20

APP2020-Sketch of Joe during RV2.jpeg

Sketch of Joe McMoneagle by Amy McKenney

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