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Get post-conference access to APP 2021 videos + bonus material

We learned so much during the APP 2021 conference. If you couldn't join us live but would like to get access to the videos of all presentations listed on the agenda below (plus bonus material!), please CLICK HERE for more info.

APP 2021

May 20-23 

Zoom Webinar conference


Our Speakers 


Russell Targ

Ask Russ Anything


Tom McNear         

Mars Update


Steve Braude

Dangerous Pursuits:

Mediumship, Mind and Music

Jon Knowles.jpg

Jon Knowles

A Decade of Applied Remote Viewing Projects 


Steven Wright

Spirituality: What is it?


Nick Cook

Rogue Icons: Paranormal Clues

and the Nature of Reality


Debra Katz

A Decade of Applied Remote

Viewing Projects

Flex your ARV skills for fun, learning and potential profit!

3 ARV predictions 


APP 2021

May 20-23 

Zoom Webinar conference

Horse Racing

Join us for APP's annual conference--a long weekend and informal

gathering of like-minded people who have a passion for applying their

precognitive ability and want to hear and mingle with leaders in the field.


We will predict 3 events using Associative Remote Viewing

with training of Full Positive Feedback.

Learn how to do ARV among friends.

NOTE: Webinars from this online conference will only be

available after the conference to registered participants.

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