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Get post-conference access to APP 2021 videos + bonus material!

APP 2021

May 20-23

Zoom Webinar Workshop

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We just completed a very enjoyable and informative APP 2021 Zoom Webinar Workshop. All conference participants now have access to videos of presentations by our great speakers and related videos, plus Analysis and FeedBack Information (see listing below).   


We would like to offer you access to this same information at a reduced price since you won't get to enjoy the full conference experience. We believe this extraordinary webpage will be a reference that you will use for years to come. 


All the Very Best, Stay Healthy, and Keep Precogn’, 


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May 20-23


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May 20-23


For single-day access

*Day prices available to full APP members only

Nonmembers, please join APP before purchasing webinar access.

May 20 only*


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May 21



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May 22



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May 23



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May 20

Marty Rosenblatt: Welcome 

Marty Rosenblatt: What is Associative Remote Viewing? begins at minute 8:18

Tom McNear: Learn Controlled Remote Viewing begins at minute 36:10

Tom McNear: Conducting the ARV Assessment

     Independent Analysis Review tool

Marty Rosenblatt: Wagering Decision-making & Wagering begins at minute 34:49

Donna Tanner: Conducting a Positive Feedback Session begins at minute 49:33

     Feedback Session Review tool

Nick Cook: Rogue Icons: Paranormal Clues and Nature of Reality

Debra Lynn Katz and Jon Knowles: A Decade of Applied Remote Viewing Projects

May 21

Stephen Wright: Spirituality: What is it?

Dean Radin: Ask Dean Anything!!

May 22

Tom McNear: Mars Update

Steve Braude: Dangerous Pursuits: Mediumship, Mind, and Music

May 23

Russell Targ: Ask Russ Anything!

Tom McNear: Phonetics: Discovering CRV Stage Seven

The following videos were shown to the viewers while analysts were judging their transcripts:


Guidelines for Future Remote Viewing with Joseph McMoneagle

Abraham Hicks - IT CAME SO EASY!!! 

Banned Ted Talk about Psychic Abilities | Russell Targ​


Also of interest:

Remote Viewing of UFOs and Other Mysteries - Paul H. Smith interview on New Thinking Allowed


The ORIGINAL remote viewing manual, created in 1985 by Tom McNear

Monster in the Closet - RVIS blog post by Tom McNear on analytical overlay (AOL)

Photosite Targets

APP PhotoSite Targets (from a collection of thousands) each time you refresh the link -- Marty Rosenblatt​

NOTE: Practice Photosite Targets are also available from the front page of this website.​

Remote Viewing Target Practice -- International School of Clairvoyance (Debra Lynne Katz) -- choose from specific types of targets, such as license plates, numbers, real people, pictograms, real objects, animals and gestalts


McNear & Radin only*


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