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For APP 2022 conference participants
APP 2022 Webinar Conference Presentations

May 2-4

Please do not share any of these files without permission. 


May 2

Marty Rosenblatt: Welcome 

Tom McNear: Randomized Remote Viewing begins at minute 2:58 

Tom McNear: Warcollier Data Reassessment: Lessons Learned for Analysts and Viewers

May 3

Sean McNamara: Mind Sight - Training to See Without Eyes

Sean McNamara: Mind Sight - Practice with RV Target

May 4

Jeff Mishlove: Beyond the Brain - Post-Mortem Survival

Marla Frees and Rick Miller: Consciousness in Starlight: Discovery and Evidence

Marty Rosenblatt: Emotions, Feelings, and the UCC  




Presenters' websites and info

New Thinking Allowed - with Jeffrey Mishlove - Sean McNamara's main website

  • Mind Sight -- Sean's training manual and other exercises for seeing without eyes

  • Jello Universe - Sean's theory about why predictions don't always go the way the crowd predicts

  • Signal and Noise - (paperback recommended) resource for transcripts/targets - Marla Frees' psychic medium work 

Also of interest (from discussion) - Scientific Coalition for UAP Studies - A map of the strange, wonderful, unusual, and unexpected

Tiphupa: Rare Tibetan Buddhist practice of transferring consciousness into recently deceased corpse

Paul Amadeus Dienach The Man Who Fell Asleep in 1921 and Awoke in 3906 

IONS PDX - YouTube channel for Portland chapter of Institute of Noetic Science

Jacques Vallée


The ORIGINAL remote viewing manual, created in 1985 by Tom McNear - query in FOIA Reading Room.

Monster in the Closet - RVIS blog post by Tom McNear on analytical overlay (AOL)

Photosite Targets

APP PhotoSite Targets (from a collection of thousands) each time you refresh the link -- Marty Rosenblatt & Martin Zvarik

NOTE: The Practice Photosite Targets are also available from the front page of this website.


Remote Viewing Target Practice -- International School of Clairvoyance (Debra Lynne Katz) -- choose from specific types of targets, such as license plates, numbers, real people, pictograms, real objects, animals and gestalts

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