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Slideshows of some winning APP Fest 2016 transcripts
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HENRY GILROY (center) earned $1,000 and an offer to join APPI (the Applied Precognition Project Institute) as the first-place winner of the first PRECOG PRO CONTEST. Out of 8 predictions at APP Fest 2016, he had 6 hits (hits minus misses). CHRISTINE UMHOLTZ earned $500 for her second-place win with 3 (net) hits, and JOYCE WAHLBERG (pictured next) claimed $250 with 1 (net) hit. Marty Rosenblatt (right), APPI president, presented the awards.
Click this slideshow to see Henry's winning transcripts.


APP FEST: First group prediction was a hit! With 7 transcripts for Under 22 points, 2 passes, 1 for Over, NFL Cleveland at Baltimore, half-time score.



With 10 transcripts predicting the Favorite to win and one pass, APP Fest scored a GROUP HIT in Friday's Boston/Florida State college football game! Here are a few of the winning transcripts...



The first APP Fest prediction on Friday was a Group Miss, with 7 predicting Under, 3 for Over, and 1 pass in the Boston/Florida college football game. Here are the individual winning transcripts:



The second prediction Friday at APP Fest was a Group Miss, with 8 predictions favoring the Underdog, 2 for the Favorite, and 3 Passes, in the Boston/Florida State college football game. Here are some of the individual winning transcripts:



Saturday in Vegas started with a Group Hit at APP Fest -- with 6 predicting Under and 3 Over in the Idaho at Texas State game. Here are some of the winning transcripts:



We had a Group Miss in Saturday's second prediction at APP Fest, based on 8 for Under, 4 for Over, 1 Pass, in the Oregon State at UCLA game, first half score. Here are some of the winning transcripts:



The final prediction for App Fest resulted in a Group Hit, with 9 transcripts for Over, 3 for Under, in Sunday's Green Bay at Tennessee football game, first half. Here are some of the winning transcripts:

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