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Tom McNear

Improving the Synergy                                                            


Dean Radin

The Future of Ancient Wisdom 

Current Research Projects       

(webinar only)


Joe Gallenberger

Applying Psychokinesis To Slot Machines 


Marty Rosenblatt

Consciousness Being FUNdamental 

Suggests Possible Winning Strategies

Flex your ARV & PK skills for fun, learning and potential profit!

6 sports predictions 


APP Fest 2019

October 18-20 

Green Valley Ranch & Resort

Las Vegas (Henderson), NV

Workshop in a Geneva Suite

Join us for APP's annual fall event, APP Fest--a long weekend and informal

gathering of like-minded people who have a passion for applying their

precognitive ability and want to hear and mingle with leaders in the field.


Being in Vegas, we will predict 6 sporting events using Associative Remote

Viewing. Apply psychokinesis to videopoker. The important “sporting” events

for us are the Remote Viewing, Analysis, and FeedBack Sessions…

plus wise wagering.

Experience with ARV is required.


Spots are limited--only 20 seats. 

Meeting friends again and making new ones is always a wonderful part of APP Fest.


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