Dean Radin

Energy Medicine Study at IONS


Tom McNear         

The Remote Viewing Sessions in ARV

The Feedback Session is for Learning in ARV  

Mars Through the Eyes of Remote Viewing and Science                                                       


Joe McMoneagle

Joe's work on Mars 1984-1995, and 2010 to present


John Brandenburg

Death on Mars: Planetary Nuclear Massacre


Steven Wright

Touching Bodies, Touching Souls


Steve Braude

Good Evidence for Telepathic Influence

Sean McNamara

Remote Influencing Your Body from the Future


Marty Rosenblatt

Consciousness, Health and Healing

Flex your ARV skills for fun, learning and potential profit!

5 ARV predictions 


APP Fest 2020

October 23-25 

Zoom Webinar conference

Join us for APP's annual fall event, APP Fest--a long weekend and informal

gathering of like-minded people who have a passion for applying their

precognitive ability and want to hear and mingle with leaders in the field.


We will predict 5 events using Associative Remote Viewing.

Learn how to do ARV among friends.


Sign up today!

for early-bird rates

NOTE: Webinars from this online conference will only be

available after the conference to registered participants.





Meeting friends again and making new ones is always a wonderful part of APP Fest.



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