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For APP Fest 2020 conference participants
APP Fest 2020 Webinar Conference Presentations

October 23-25

Please do not share any of these files without permission. 


October 23

Marty Rosenblatt: Welcome

Marty Rosenblatt: Associative Remote Viewing Overview

Tom McNear: The Remote Viewing Session in ARV

     Independent Analysis Review tool

Tom McNear: The Feedback Session is for Learning in ARV

     Feedback Session Review tool

Dean Radin: Energy Medicine Study at IONS

     Real Magic (& other books)

October 24

Joe McMoneagle: Joe's Work on Mars, 1984 through 1995; and 2010 to Present

     Mind Trek (& other books)

Sean McNamara: Remote Influencing Your Body from the Future

     360-degree video targets     Signal & Noise (& other books) 

Marty Rosenblatt: Consciousness, Health and Healing​

Steve Braude: The Best Evidence for Telepathic Influence

    Dangerous Pursuits (& other books)

NOTE: Due to illness, John Brandenburg was unable to present his talk on "Death on Mars: Planetary Nuclear Massacre" 

October 25

Tom McNear: Mars Through the Eyes of Science and Remote Viewing

Stephen Wright: Touching Bodies - Touching Souls

     Handout     Links

The following videos were shown to the viewers while analysts were judging their transcripts:

Scientific and Spiritual Implications of Psychic Abilities - Russell Targ

Expanding the Scope of Mind-Matter Interaction Experiments - Dean Radin  

Edgar Cayce, the Sleeping Prophet - Stephan A. Schwartz 

Remote Viewing of UFOs and Other Mysteries - Paul H. Smith

Biology of Belief – Bruce Lipton

October 22

Focus on Analysis: Using the HAG method (Harsh Analysis with Gestalt) - Tom McNear and Donna Gatlin-Tanner

Also of interest:

Banned TED Talk about Psychic Abilities  by Russell Targ


The ORIGINAL remote viewing manual, created in 1985 by Tom McNear

Monster in the Closet - RVIS blog post by Tom McNear on analytical overlay (AOL)


Get a new PhotoSite Target (from a collection of thousands) each time you refresh the link -- from Marty Rosenblatt

NOTE: Practice Photosite Targets are also available the front page of this website.

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