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For APP Fest 2021 conference participants
APP Fest 2021 Webinar Conference Presentations

Oct. 21-24

Please do not share any of these files without permission. 


Oct. 21

Marty Rosenblatt: Welcome 

Marty Rosenblatt: What is Associative Remote Viewing? begins at minute 6:06

Tom McNear: Learn Controlled Remote Viewing begins at minute 30:57

     Automated Analysis Review tool created by Shane Stone

Donna Tanner: Conducting a Positive Feedback Session 

     Feedback Session Review tool

Lori Williams: Overcoming Uncertainty: What Remote Viewing Can Teach Us About Life begins at minute 1:22

Tom McNear: IAB-Stage 2 Practice begins at hour 1:23

Oct 22

Prediction 1: Binary Craps

Helane' Wahbeh: The Science of Channeling: Why You Should Trust Your Intuition and Embrace the Force that Connects Us All begins at hour 1:18

Prediction 1: Outcome begins at hour 2:54

Nick Cook: The Hunt for Zero Point begins at hour 4:23


Oct. 23

Prediction 2: Binary Craps

Patrizio Tressoldi: Mediumship Accuracy: A Quantitative and Qualitative Study with a Triple-blind Protocol begins at hour 1:37

Prediction 2: Outcome 

Sean McNamara: Open Up Your Aperture begins at hour 1:29


Prediction 3: Horse Race

Ruth Kastner: A Physicist's Perspective on Postmortem Survival begins at hour 1:28

Prediction 3: Outcome

Marty Rosenblatt: QM Entanglement: Present and Future Applications begins at hour 1:28




The following videos were shown to the viewers while analysts were judging their transcripts:

Marty Rosenblatt: Discipline, Determination and Delight, Oct. 22, begins at minute 24:48

Joseph McMoneagle: How I Became Remote Viewer 001 - Oct. 23, begins at minute 31:39

Alan Watts: On the Eternal Now - Oct 24 begins at minute 58:58

Alan Watts: On the Secret - Oct. 24 begins at hour 1:09:27

Also of interest:


The ORIGINAL remote viewing manual, created in 1985 by Tom McNear

Monster in the Closet - RVIS blog post by Tom McNear on analytical overlay (AOL)

Photosite Targets

PhotoSite Practice Targets -- Practice remote viewing using Martin Zvarik's targets -- with 10,000 randomized options, choose frontloading, targets of people or places, cartoons, etc.

NOTE: These Practice Photosite Targets are also available from the front page of this website.

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