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Sign up now for the APP Fest conference and get the audiobook version of Sean McNamara’s “Mind Sight” as a bonus!


Limited number of copies available. 

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Friday, Oct. 21

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APP Fest 2022

October 21-23


Stephen Wright

"Pre-Judeo-Christian Spirituality in Text and Music"

Our Speakers 


Lyn Buchanan

"Success with Proof of Session Approach"


Tom McNear

"UAPs, Close Encounters (of the 1st through 5th kinds),
and Paranormal Phenomena: What do scientists say?"


Dean Radin

"Analysis of Twitter Sentiment Data"


Marla Frees

& Rick Miller

"Star Vision Communication"


Steve Braude

"A Rational View of the Evidence

of Post-Mortem Survival

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Flex your ARV skills for fun, learning and potential profit!

6 ARV live online roulette predictions 


APP Fest 2022

October 21-23

Zoom Webinar Conference

Join us for APP's annual conference--a long weekend and informal

gathering of like-minded people who have a passion for applying their

precognitive ability and want to hear and mingle with leaders in the field.


We will predict 6 events using Associative Remote Viewing

with training of Full Positive Feedback.

Learn how to do ARV among friends.


Sign up today!

NOTE: Webinars from this online conference will only be

available after the conference to registered participants.

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Meeting friends again and making new ones

is always a wonderful part of our conferences.

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