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Become a Paid Precog Professional Thru APPI



APPI has had a Precog Pro program since September of 2015.  APPI's main goals are to educate people about consciousness and psi with a focus on precognition and fostering/teaching interested people to use ARV (Associative Remote Viewing) and become Precog Pros.


The initial program approach, results, and compensation to the remote viewers (and a couple others using different psi approaches) is described below.  Since January of 2019, we have a new compensation package.  The qualifications to become a Precog Pro and the compensations are first summarized below and then a link is provided to a video with the details.

Below, on the left, is the summary of Qualifications for becoming a Precog Pro for newbies and those already having more than 25 predictions.  On the right is the Compensation chart showing 7 Levels.  Both Financial and Sports Predictions count for qualifying.


































Initial APPI INC Announcement of Objectives and the First Precog Pro program


APPI INC, the APP Institute, was officially notified on February 05, 2016, that it is a 501(c)(3) private foundation (see copy below).  APPI will work to develop a place where precogers can get paid for their services.  The following video documents how your APP statistics could permit you to become a paid precog professional.

The First Precog Professional Video is here.


Precog Pro financial data is presented at the APP conferences and shown below:


The following chart was shown at the APP-2016 Conference-Workshop-Webinar summarizing the performance of 8 Professional Precogers (June 2016)









Here is a Summary Chart through September 2016 (shown at APP 2016) showing an overall Return On Investment (ROI) of 95% with some Precog Pros doing much better than that!














Summary Chart from June 2016 thru June 2017 

showing Return On Investment (ROI) from 12 Viewers

(6 viewers are new, predicting for less than a year).



























At APP 2017, APPI first summarized the ROI (Return On Investment) for the 17 Precog Pros from the beginning of the program through Quarter 3 of 2017.  And then discussed the by-year data.






Here is a summary through the end of 2017, when a new compensation approach was adopted for the Precog Pros:


























APPI INC 501(c)3 Exemption


Summary Through End of 2017 - 2019-08-09
All Precog Pros start at Level1 and Move Up One Level after completing 25 non-pass predictions with a 72% or higher hit rate.  Viewers can move down a level - see text to right.
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