Applied Precognition Project (APP) is a very social group of like-minded individuals who are working to educate our society about important applications of consciousness such as precognitive remote viewing.




The 2016 Applied Precognition Conference 

June 13-16 In Vegas!


Become an effective predictor of future events! 





Top 6 Reasons to come to the 2016 APP Conference: 

"Learn to make sports predictions"

"Opportunity to make money through 8 wagering events"

"Get to know leaders and shakers in remote viewing" 

"A unique workshop format that allows building rapport within smaller groups of people"

"Have fun with friendly like-minded people"

"Get in touch with your inner oracle"





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Joseph McMoneagle


 Presentation Title: 

"How T0 Find Missing People With Remote Viewing"


Joe will be leading a RV/ARV

training-refresher workshop on the first day of the

AND...In a rare event...

Joe will be revealing his secrets about how he has
successfully found well over a dozen missing people
throughout the world! 

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Jeffrey Mishlove


  Presentation Title:      


  "Your Center of Psychic Sensitivity:
The 3rd Eye Chakra"



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Dean Radin



Webinar Presentation:

"Consciousness and the Quantum Measurement Problem"



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Debra Lynne Katz



Presentation Title:  

"Bulls Eye Target Training: Getting the most out of your remote viewing sessions & ARV projects "  

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Edwin C. May PhD 



Presentation Title:

"Memes, Remote Viewing and the Media"




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Angela Thompson Smith, PhD  



Presentation Title: 

"Remote Viewing for Greater Success"


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John Petersen



Presentation Title:

"The Consciousness Paradigm Shift: Societal Implications: What will our future world be like?"


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Nancy Smith 



Presentation Title:

"Dream ARV (DRV)"



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Marty Rosenblatt 


 Presentation Titles:  


"Consciousness Entanglement Energy: Creativity for Health-Wealth-Wisdom"


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