APP consists of several groups that use ARV and other methods of psi to make predictions about future outcomes of events. These events have included:


  • FOREX  




Group Size ranges from a single viewer/manager to as many as 20 different viewers.
Anyone can join a group!
Viewers have a wide range of experience from just getting started with remote viewing to those having years of experience who have viewed thousands of remote viewing "targets".






Become a Viewer in an APP Group!


To do so, indicate you are interested in finding out more or joining one of the groups when you fill out the form or when you email Jon. He can provide you additional information about the groups with current openings for viewers and the methods that are used in these groups (also see below). You can use your email address or an anonymous one if you prefer.


Start and manage your own APP Group!


APP encourages the formation of new APP groups. You pick the method, enroll viewers, manage the group, and keep the stats. Marty can assist you in starting a group.


APP feels it is very important to keep and maintain stats for each group and for individual viewers. Marty Rosenblatt is the lead person in maintaining APP data, stats and graphs.


Below is the current list of APP Groups:




There are several groups which use a method called Winning Entanglements (WE). The viewer does two sessions and self-judges; there are now variants of this offered in WE groups (e.g. doing just one session or asking Group Manager to judge. The work is carried out through automated online forms. If you are interested in a WE group, please write to one of these WE group managers.


Financial - Marty Rosenblatt


First Groove (Horse Racing)  

Teresa Schnellmann


Omega (financial) - Marty Rosenblatt


Pegasus (financial) - Marty Rosenblatt


KARV (Kinesthetic ARV). This group is a hybrid using WE and precognitive sensory responses (sight, sounds, smell, taste, feelings) to make a sports prediction.



Groups that Are Closed to New Members at Present:


Nancy Smith, Sublime.

Uses a variety of methods at different times, including a Dream method.


Scott Williams, Transcendent.

Uses a variety of methods including CAS (see below).


Igor Grgich, P7B.  

Uses one session, two targets (standard binary ARV).


Methods Used in the Past by APP Groups:


Direct Psi group. Dave Silverstein was group manager. In this group you could use any non-ARV method - muscle testing, dowsing, etc.

CAS - Computer Assisted Scoring. This is the method Ed May and others developed and Ed was kind enough to share with us. It is a method Ed uses with Joe McMoneagle. It has a very high hit rate, but also a high pass rate (that is, when no pick is made). It involves complex software and does have a learning curve (for the Group Manager). It is easy for the viewer.


The "Colorado” or “Lively!” method. This is based on Garret Moddel and C.C. Smith's experiment which was successful in raising money using untrained viewers. Mark S. ran a group using an approximation of this method (using Conferencing software rather than being in person); the group was called Lively! and had a good hit rate. This method is easy to use and easy to score, but does take time since the Group Manager has to host an online conference.  This method is still used occasionally and new group managers are welcome to apply it.



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The Applied Precognition Project has two levels of membership: Free and Paid. We encourage you to join as a paid member, which provides support for APP activities. APP is run entirely by volunteer staffers and group managers. Your membership fee greatly helps with the costs of managing the website, maintaining prediction data, research, educational programs and promoting the application of personal precognition.


Free membershipYou can become a viewer in one APP group and receive the Predictions for that group. You have access to the APP Discussion list and the many videos APP members have produced about the work (and fun!) of APP. 


To become a Free Member of APP, fill out the form to the left or email the Membership Coordinator, Julie, at


Paid membership costs $55 (per year on anniversary of joining). Paid membership entitles you to the above and also to be on the APP Predictions list for all predictions by APP groups for sporting, financial and other events.


Paid Members also receive a discount to the annual APP Conference/Workshop (or other APP events) and access to the videos of all the APP Webinars given by figures like Joe McMoneagle, Dean Radin, Ed May, James Spottiswoode).


Plus more - this table summarizes the additional features.













 Full Membership fee is only $55.00 a year!




If you have questions about Paid Membership, please email Julie at






See how Scott's Group WWCDINNER operated at over a 70% Hit Rate.





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