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Why should I become an APP member?




1.  Because you want to explore your natural precognitive capabilities in a supportive group environment.


2.  Because you want to apply precognitive remote viewing.


3.  Because you want to learn, by personal experience, about the marvelous mysteries of consciousness.


4.  Just because it will be fun :-)

The Applied Precognition Project’s Mission is to publicly explore, research and apply logic and intuition/emotion to predict future event outcomes, enabling participants to evolve personally while contributing to the elevation of global consciousness.


One way to fulfill this mission is to undertake Associative Remote Viewing (ARV) in groups, which consist of viewers and a Group Manager. The purpose of these groups is to learn about ARV, to develop as a remote viewer, to explore the fascinating field of psi and precognition, to experience interconnectedness and work with others in a supportive environment, to have fun and over time, to perhaps make some money.


The Applied Precognition Project has two levels of membership: Free and Paid. We encourage you to join as a paid member, which provides support for APP activities. APP is run entirely by volunteer staffers and group managers. Your membership fee greatly helps with the costs of managing the website, maintaining prediction data, research, educational programs and promoting the application of personal precognition.


Free membership: You can become a viewer in one APP group and receive the Predictions for that group. You have access to the APP Discussion list and the many videos APP members have produced about the work (and fun!) of APP.


Paid membership: $65 (per year on anniversary of joining).


Benefits, in addition to the above:


You may take part in more than one APP group as a viewer.


You are on the APP Predictions list, which contains the predictions of sporting and financial events by all APP groups.


You receive a discount to the annual APP Conference/Workshop.


You have access to the videos of all APP Webinars given by leading experts like Joe McMoneagle, Ed May, Dean Radin, and James Spottiswoode.


Full Membership includes:


Membership fee is only $65 a year!

    (Full membership scholarships available, and Free Membership is discussed below the form.)


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If you have any questions about membership or about APP or need assistance, contact us via the form below.

Please note: Responses to questions or new member applications may take a couple of days. APP is staffed by volunteers.

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Free Membership Includes:

If you wish to become a member, fill out the above form and let us know in the Message Box.




Become a Full Member of APP


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Please note: Responses to questions or new member applications may take a couple of days. APP is staffed by volunteers.

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