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- 3 day Workshop in Marty and Jane's Home
Woodland Hills, CA

- Monday August 22 thru

Wednesday August 24

- 7 People Maximum Class Size for Personalized Training

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Options and FOREX Prediction Workshop in Marty's Home

Trainer: Marty Rosenblatt



APP and APPI are offering this Intensive and quite Personal Workshop with a maximum size of 7 people.  The objective is to teach newbies and experienced Remote Viewers how to use their natural ability to gather information from the future (precognition or retrocausation) to potentially make large sums of money in the stock options and FOReign EXchange markets.


Here is 2016 data from the APP Institute where precog professionals are applying their skills using the approach and free online software taught in this class (no guarantees, of course, that you will do as well):

















Wager Wisely and Get Rich Slowly are Two Important Themes.  These lead directly to keeping statistics so you do not fool your self, and the stats provide the basis for wise wagering.  Don't worry, our free online program does the stats for you.  


Wise Wagering, yes, but still quite aggressive using a modified Kelly Criterion...for what is truly Investing, in Our Opinion, using the techniques described in this workshop.


This is a 3 day workshop Monday August 22 thru Wednesday August 24 Associative Remote Viewing and those who might want a refresher.  Here are the details:


  • Designed for those who want to apply their natural precognitive abilities to Financial Markets.  The focus is on techniques to improve success rates and optimize your Return On Investment (ROI).

  • SPY and QQQ  Put/Call Options and FOREX will be the  financial vehicles taught and traded.

  • 3 full working and learning days (with breaks) 8:30am - 12:30pm   2:00 pm - 6:30 pm and 2 "homework" sessions which are part of the predictions for the next day.  Hey, this is a workshop :-)

  • 6 financial predictions.  You will make 6 individual predictions and we will make 6 group prediction.  I will wager/invest based on these predictions using your registration fees as the APP initial "bankroll" and as the real demonstration of how to wager wisely, get rich slowly.

  • We encourage you to bring your laptop computer or iPad to use the free online software - you will learn more and more with each prediction cycle: Remote Viewing, Analysis/Judging, Wagering, and the FeedBack Sessions. 

  • You will learn an online protocol that you can use alone or in our APP group after the workshop.  Our workshop group may choose to predict together after the workshop - I hope so.

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