“Precog Pro” Contest

at APP Fest 2016



APPI Inc, a 501(c)3 foundation, is looking for partnerships with those people who have high, consistent, and verified precognitive hit rates.  The winners of this contest will be offered the opportunity to become APPI Professional Precogers in addition to winning the prize money noted below.




At APP Fest 2016, there will be 8 official sporting predictions with 8 outcomes. (If there are fewer than 8 outcomes for any reason, the following rules apply with the actual number of outcomes.)

  • Paid participants of APP Fest 2016, except current APPI precog professionals, are eligible to participate by predicting or passing on each outcome.

  • The measure used will be HitPoints = Number of Hits minus Number of Misses.  Passes or pushes or no participation in any prediction are ignored.

  • An Excel spreadsheet will be maintained of each prediction from each participant, and the associated outcomes.

  • Rankings will be determined based on the highest to lowest HitPoints after the last prediction has an outcome.

  • The Winner of First Place will earn $1000.

  • The Winner of Second Place will earn $500. 

  • The Winner of Third Place will earn $250. 

  • If there are any ties for First, Second, and/or Third Place, the associated earnings will be equally split.


Payment of Earnings

The earnings for First, Second and Third Place will occur on Sunday, November 13th shortly after the last outcome is known.