Precognition Paradigm Shift by Marty Rosenblatt

Precognition is "knowledge of a future event or situation, especially through extrasensory means". This is foretelling the future and is considered impossible, or at least impractical, for many reasons. And yet, repeatable scientific experiments demonstrate that precognition is real and practical. Our assumptions concerning time, information, and cause/effect are woefully incomplete -- incomplete enough that a paradigm shift of major proportions seems inevitable.


Precogers are not accurate all the time, but their accuracy is good enough to provide a significant "edge over chance". Precogers enjoy and benefit from an expansion of self awareness and more and more from an expansion of their bank accounts. Most recently, there was a paper in the Journal of Parapsychology, "Greg Kolodziejzyk 13-Year Associative Remote Viewing Experiment Results". Greg earned almost $150,000 with a 60% long-term Hit Rate* with odds against chance at over 4,000 to 1.

"So if precognition is real, why ain't you precogers rich?" This an obvious question, and indeed an excellent question. It reveals justified skepticism as well as a path to the new precognition paradigm. I believe the best answer, which acknowledges the psychological realities of imperfect precognition, is: "We are getting rich, slowly and wisely -- riches include money and more."

Money, however, may be the key to a societal precog paradigm shift...let's face it, in our society, "money talks." What might our world look like during and after the precog shift? We believe precogers will be viewed as professionals with a valuable skill -- some will use their skill for personal projects while others will work for companies large and small.