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Webinar & Prediction Program


If you can't come to Vegas, our Online Webinar Program includes:

  1.  Joe McMoneagle - How to Find Missing People with Remote Viewing

  2.  Jeffrey Mishlove - Your Center of Psychic Sensitivity: The 3rd Eye Chakra

  3.  Dean Radin - Consciousness and the Quantum Measurement Problem

  4.  John Petersen - The Consciousness Paradigm Shift: Societal Implications: What will our future world be like?

  5.  Ed May - Memes, Remote Viewing and the Media

  6.  Marty Rosenblatt - Consciousness Entanglement Energy: Creativity for Health-Wealth-Wisdom

  • Eight ARV predictions on sporting events.  These predictions will be led by Shane Ivie and shared with the attendees in Las Vegas.  Also, their predictions will be shared with you.


Join the Fun for Only $100