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Where can I find a simple overview of RV and ARV?

See the following links from some prominent RV sites and the short introductory video below:​


What is an AOL?

AOL stands for Analytical OverLay.  In ARV, the precognitive information comes from the subconscious mind (or higher self, inner self, guide, etc.).  The intellect and normal ego are there simply to record what comes from the submerged consciousness.  However, viewers will jump to analytical conclusions based on partial information from the subconscious and these are the AOLs.


If you do this, and we all do, put the named object on the right side of your transcript as an AOL.  Most often they are not correct, and sometimes they are :)  Write it down and move on to get a precept or target element from your subconsciousness.


I understand that I am not suppose to name targets, AOLs, so are there examples of descriptive words that I can use?

Correct about not using the intellect to name targets or objects within a target.  Below are examples of descriptive words (Source: Daz Smith/  And of course, sketches, usually of pieces of the target, are always encouraged.  




What is a “coordinate”?

In ARV, a coordinate is simply a target reference number (TRN).  This is usually a series of numbers and letters, for example 684901 could be the coordinate for a specific Target.

What is a PhotoSite Target?

PhotoSite (PS) refers to the particular physical site location at the particular time a Photo was taken.  Consciousness is expected to "move" to that site at the time the photo was taken and to describe and/or sketch what can be readily verified or inferred from the photo: For example, first impression gestalts, visuals (colors, shapes, dimensions), sounds, smells, tastes, tactile sensations, emotions, etc.



What is the Targ CR Scale?

The Targ Confidence Ranking (CR) or SRI scale was developed by Russel Targ and others at the Stanford Research Institute (SRI). This is a guide used to judge transcripts to determine a CR by comparing your RV transcript with a photosite.  In ARV, the Analyst will do a comparison to both Possible Targets.  A score of 3.5 or higher for a transcript is considered the minimum psychic connection for a wager.


What is the "FIG50" method of analysis/judging?

This is the recommended Approach using First Impression Gestalts (FIGs). This approach connects with the 0 - 7 Targ Confidence Ranking (CR) for Analyzing/Judging a transcript to a photosite.



How do you place an over/under wager for an APP sports group prediction?


Below is a sample prediction from the viewing group KARV.


KARV was doing a sports prediction. The prediction was “under”. This means that the total score at the end of the game (total points from both teams added together) is predicted to be under what the betting site sets. (The place where you place your wager will publish a number for total points - The Line)


Youtube has some tutorials covering this. One is here It maybe helpful to go to youtube and search using “betting sites over under” watching several may give a good overview of what is involved. If you are using a betting site there will be a number you can call to get help.


Predictions can be over, under, or a pass.


Prediction and Line for KARV Group

Event: Over/Under NBA Sporting Event

Date_Time of Event: 20180323-6:30am PT


Group Prediction:


Line: 218.5


Side1,Side2 (your coord1,coord2)




What types of investing can you do with APP?

There is a clear distinction between betting or wagering versus investing when using precognition. We move from wagering to investing because precognition provides an edge over chance! In APP, we keep your Hit Rate statistics on what are 50% probable events. We believe that when you can maintain a 65% or so Hit Rate, you have moved to investment territory. And, you must always invest wisely because precognition is never 100% accurate. Also, we advise using the philosophy of “grow rich slowly,” which is a wise way of investing.

The financial groups are currently using the SPY “stock” (ETF) which is basically one tenth the price of the S&P500.  If you did want to trade, you would use derivatives such as the futures on the S&P500 or options on SPY.  Remember the prediction is the posted one from the opening price at 6:30am PT or out by 1:00pm PT.  We also use stops and limits with that price change from the 6:30am opening price being posted as “the line” on the prediction email.  Usually, the trade direction is set by reaching the stop or limit. Here is the official SPY link for prices.


The e-mail sent out for the prediction -

Event: SPY

Date_Time of Event: 20190708-6:30am PT

Group Prediction:

Up (Down or Pass)

Line: 0.65





Predictions: 4 Up, 1 Down

Invest Wisely, if you Invest.

The posted prediction for the day will look like the e-mail above.

The prediction will always be Up, Down, or Pass.

The line - The Line, 0.65 in this case, for Financial Predictions is the price distance for a Stop and Limit Order from the opening price at 6:30am PT when the NYSE opens.  Whichever is reached first determines the Up or Down Outcome for the day.  If neither the stop or limit are reached by 1:00pm PT, then the closing price determines the Up or Down.(The line number will vary.) Important - The change in price is to close the trade at either a limit or stop.  So, you cannot use what is generally reported as the days Up or Down from previous days close…that is actually irrelevant.

Predictions: 4 Up, ! Down. - This is the number of viewers and their individual predictions.


If the stop or limit is not met, the final outcome is determined by 1:00 pm PT.



Where can I get information about the APPI Precog Pro program?  

(NOTE: the Precog Pro program ended in early 2023. This information is posted for historical/reference purposes only.  

Online Winning Entanglements (WE) Protocol for ARV Predictions

How to Submit Your Transcript, Judge it

and See Your Feedback

July 16, 2019

Sean McNamara


4-minute length

ARV: Remote Viewing, Judging,

and Feedback

January 2018

Marty Rosenblatt


25-minute length

Troubleshooting Google Groups



Can’t access Google Groups via email

If you're having trouble signing in or seeing emails from your groups, try these solutions.


  • Clear your browser's cache and cookies.

  • Check that you're signed in with the correct email address.

  • Make sure you're an active member. If you were invited to the group, check that you accepted the invitation. If you requested an invite, wait for the email that says your request was accepted.

  • Confirm that the group is active by contacting the group owner.

  • If you're using a bookmark or URL to view the group, try finding the group from the Google Groups homepage.

Can’t access a group through the website

Groups that are restricted require you to sign in to your Google Account. If the email address that was registered to the group isn't linked to a Google Account, create an account for that email address.

Not getting a group’s emails

If you’re not getting emails from your group, check your email delivery setting:

  • Sign in to Google Groups.

  • Click My Groups.

  • Choose a group.

  • At the top right, click  p3585 .

  • Select Membership and email settings.

  • To the right of "Email delivery preference," make sure you haven't selected Don't send email updates.

  • After making changes, click Save.


You can also join the group with an email account from another email service.


Another possible cause is an email block. Some email services block mail from Google Groups. You can turn off the block feature within your email provider to remove the block.

Getting summaries instead of emails

You might be notified of your group’s posts in batches rather than in single emails. To change your setting:

  • Sign in to Google Groups.

  • Click My Groups.

  • Choose a group.

  • At the top right, click 

  • Select Membership and email settings.

  • Next to "Email delivery preference," click the Down arrow  p3586   p3587  Notify me for every new message.

  • After making changes, click Save.


Can't post messages

  • Clear your browser's cache and cookies.

  • If you're posting via email, visit the group's "About" page and confirm that you're sending your posts to the correct address.

  • If you belong to a group with restricted membership, sign in to your account and visit the group's homepage. If you're not recognized as a member, you might belong to the group with a different email address.

  • Only a certain number of posts are allowed per day. If you're over the limit, you'll see an error message.

Posted messages not appearing

In groups that aren't moderated, posts usually appear after a few seconds. Your post will also show up in search results soon after you submit it.


When you submit a post to a group whose owner moderates all posts, the message isn’t posted to the group until the moderator has approved it.

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