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Video Favorites

These videos by experts in the field of psi and consciousness are among the favorites shown at various conferences or of special interest to APP members. Also check out the Link Library page on this website.

  • Choose presenter's name from drop-down button (above) to show all talks by that person.

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  • Double-click red box with white arrow to enlarge video to full-screen view.

Current Research Projects

Dean Radin

Remote Viewing Underground ET Bases

Russell Pickering

APP Fest 2017 - "spoonbending" a rod

Nancy Du Tertre

A Greater Reality: Consciousness, the Paranormal, and (ET) Contact Modalities

Rey Hernandez

Telepathy, Remote Viewing -- Banned Ted Talk

Russell Targ

Third Eye Spies: Official Trailer

Russell Targ

Ariel Farlas levitating a table in 2014, Buenos Aires

Stephen Braude

How I Became a Remote Viewer (31:40)

Joe McMoneagle

Jello Universe Theory

Sean McNamara

Third Eye Spies: APP conference video

Marty Rosenblatt

Remote Viewing of UFOs and Other Mysteries

Paul H. Smith

The UFO Phenomenon, Remote Viewing & Alien Abduction

Jacques Vallée

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