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Apply precognition

by Debra Lynne Katz &
Lyn Buchanan

ARV groups

Free members join one ARV group. Full members can join all ARV groups, which currently include 10 financial groups that predict SPY and two sports groups. Most groups use APP's WE database for binary predictions.


First Groove uses color ARV to predict horse races.

Taskings are spread throughout the week so viewers can plan ahead. Predictions for all groups are shared through a Google Predictions email group, available to Full members.

Contact Patricia H. at to join one or more of these groups!

All members are enrolled in the APP Discussion group.

Additionally, two experimental groups that meet every weekday use Remote Influencing for Roulette predictions and healing. Find out more HERE.


















First Groove

Videos about ARV groups

See how Scott's group WWCDINNER operated

at over a 70% Hit Rate.



Watch Jon Knowles

Strict Unitary  ARV Webinar

Presentation here

Submit target pairs

If you have an interesting target in mind you can submit it for review to be used as a Winning Entanglement target.


Make sure it’s at least one of the following: interesting, colorful, fun, unusual, or has a sense of excitement or motion. Nothing too complex (e.g., a mass of items with no single point of interest) or boring (e.g., a field of wheat). Also, please nothing controversial or disturbing!


Please provide either a single pdf containing all the information, or a jpeg. If the target is a particular location or item of note please provide some detail about it, such as a link to Wikipedia.

Please ensure images do not have any license restrictions, so they are either public domain or Creative Commons license. Wikipedia is a good source of such images.

Send your submissions to

Online RV practice targets 

Ready to practice your remote viewing skills?


International School of Clairvoyance (Debra Lynne Katz)

Choose from specific types of targets, such as license plates, numbers, real people, pictograms, real objects, animals and gestalts

Lyn Buchanan's CRV Training and Services

The feedback for these targets is designed to make them usable for viewers of every level of training and experience. Because of that, the completeness of the feedback information may seem daunting to beginning viewers. You are not expected or required to get all the information provided in the feedback. It is simply provided as feedback in case you do get any of it. For your practice, simply work the targets to the level of your own training and abilities, and do not worry about getting everything provided. 

Tachistoscope by Lyn Buchanan
Online ideogram practice

A tachistoscope is a device that displays an image for a specific amount of time. It can be used to increase recognition speed, to show something too fast to be consciously recognized, or to test which elements of an image are memorable.
Donate to Lyn via Daz Smith's RemoteViewed website above.

For Mac version created by John Maillard
Tachistoscope program
Ideogram Program
How-to Video 
Donate to John





RI Experiment

Every weekday we Remote Influence (RI) the Outcome of a Roulette wheel. In particular, we influence whether the white roulette ball will fall into a Red Slot or a Black/Green Slot.  Green is included with Black to keep the experiment binary.


After sharing love with the group, we meditate using a 4-minute Stephen Wright's deep meditation - "I am".


Marty then flips a coin. The Outcome determines the RI INTENTION for the roulette outcome COLOR: Heads in Red, Tails is Black/Green


We then individually, knowing this is a group process, RI the color for 4 minutes using our ability to manifest based on intention.

​RI Roulette Schedule (weekdays)
8:10am PT -- Chat
8:15am PT -- Flip Coin to Start RI Roulette Session
If you wish to wager, here is the website we use:


Healing Sessions

Every weekday we do Self-Holistic-Healing. Each person is asked to draw a sketch, with words, of the issue to be healed. "We are one" is a key theme and thus doing for others, with their permission, is ok. Also, heed all medical advice.


After sharing love with the group, we meditate using a 4-minute Stephen Wright's deep meditation - "I am."


We then individually, knowing this is a group process, do the holistic-healing for 7 minutes using our ability to manifest based on intention.

Stephen Wright's meditation (also available on the Free Past Webinar page)

Self-Healing Schedule (weekdays)
9:10am PT -- Chat
9:15am PT -- Begin Cool-Down and Self-Holistic-Healing Protocol


Summary of Self-Healing protocol
Pay Attention to your health issue...experience it now.​
Sketch location and in a few words, describe issue.
Short Cool-Down​

Let-go of extraneous thoughts/feelings, as much as possible.
Add Love and Joy, directly or perhaps from an earlier experience/event.
Do Meditation with strong INTENTION TO HEAL
​ ​... deeper and deeper ... 
FeedBack – yes, but give some time if "serious issue"​
Do daily, if possible, to enhance INTENTION​
Always heed medical advice​
If doing on others, Always get consent!​


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