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APP website log-in procedures for Full members

After you registered for Full membership, you should have received a confirmation email that looked similar to the one below:


After receiving it, if you successfully logged-in, the only other things you need to know are:

  • Expect reminder emails as your membership plan expiration date nears. 

  • Your plan will NOT automatically renew. If you wish to continue as a Full member, you will need to resubscribe on the Membership page and pay $65 via PayPal at that time.


If you haven't received a confirmation email within two days after subscribing, please contact



If you haven't yet tried to log-in or have encountered problems, here are some tips:


  • After you receive the confirmation email as a Full APP member, Log-in in the upper right corner of the website's Home page to initiate your Full member access to the Member-only pages.


  • On the Log-in form, enter the same email address you used when you joined APP.
















  • The Password may appear to already be filled in, but you should be able to enter your own password and save it.

  • If you have difficulty, try "Forgot Password" to enter a new password.

  • If it still isn't working, contact the webmaster, Teresa at

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