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About APP


Applied Precognition Project's mission is to publicly explore, research and apply logic and intuition/emotion to predict future event outcomes, enabling participants to evolve personally while contributing to the elevation of global consciousness.



Publicly: Summaries of our various group predictions

will be made available to the public, including the protocols and statistics, via online articles, webinars, workshops, and conferences.


Explore: Our methods are always evolving; we utilize our intuition and analysis to improve our success rate.


Research: A major focus is to apply logic and analyze our database in order to enable better precognitive results.

Apply: Our primary intent is to further practical applications of precognition.


Logic: By this we mean, information processed rationally by the thinking mind - “if A, then B”; e.g., statistical analysis.


Intuition: Refers to information received by the ego self from the deeper, inner core of being; also known as guidance, “higher self”, “sub-conscious mind”, soul, the universe - information not available through logical thought processes; e.g., remote viewing.


Emotion: Indicator of the nature of internal data: if it feels positive, it is truly intuitive information.


Future event outcomes: refers to anything from sports and stock market future events to business applications such as trending or product development choices.


Participants: Those involved in APP groups, including remote viewers and other intuitives, judges, and administrators.


Evolve personally: A primary intent of APP is to be a catalyst to the individual spiritual evolution of each participant.


Elevation of global consciousness: We believe that personal evolution is the primary mover behind the elevation of the world’s consciousness, in the global shift now occurring.


The following poem expresses the relationship of Pegasus to time and precognition.

Through time-clouds I fly to days gone by.

Physical limited are all left behind.

The future and past, all in my grasp,

For Pegasus shows me the key's in my mind.

Horse of poetry, Light,

Inspirational height,

Your companion I'll be

New lands shall I see.

(Author Unknown)


The "seeing" is done with the psychic eye, where the symbol Ψ (psi) is the standard Greek symbol used for the quantum mechanical wave function, and is also used to denote extra-sensory processes of information or energy transfer such as precognition.


Pegasus is APP's symbol of harmony between the physical universe and the universe of collective consciousness.
The art work for Pegasus was done by Kathy Bryars.

About Team

Our Team

APP's staff is a group of dedicated and fun-loving volunteers. 

Do you love what you get from the Applied Precognition Project? Do you want to give back? We are looking for new volunteers to help with our programs and administrative tasks.

If you're interested, please fill out the volunteer questionnaire to get the conversation started.

Thanks for your consideration and please email us if you have any questions.

Keep precogn'!
Marty & the APP team

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