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Free & paid memberships
Join with like-minded individuals

The Applied Precognition Project is one of the largest Associative Remote Viewing groups and is among the oldest continuous RV groups (including its forerunner, Physics-Intuition-Applications). In 2023, APP had more than 1,400 members in the Discussion Group, including about 100 Full members.  Check out the Membership page to learn the benefits of Full membership - only $65 per year.


Free live webinars
First Wednesday each month

Marty Rosenblatt hosts a free monthly training webinar on the first Wednesday of each month, available to all APP members, as well as "newbies" to the remote viewing field. Participate in a live group prediction and learn more about RV. The Zoom link is sent via the APP Discussion list to all members. A  library of more than 140 of these videos spanning more than a decade is available to everyone for free on the website.

APP currently hosts online-only conferences twice yearly, generally in May and October, with discounted registration for Full APP members. A library of conference presentations since 2015 is available to Full members (excluding the latest conference, which is available to conference attendees and those who purchased after-conference access.) All members and nonmembers can check out speakers, agendas, a Link Library of resources, testimonials from conference attendees, and winning transcripts from the group predictions.


Spring and fall conferences online

Connect with renowned speakers
"Talk With" webinars

Marty Rosenblatt hosts live monthly webinars, often allowing  participating members the opportunity to ask their questions directly to leaders in the field. Speakers have included experts in remote viewing, ufology, psi, physics, psychology, psychokinesis, energy, health and more. Full APP members also have access to a library of more than 100 of these videos recorded since 2016. "Talk With" webinars are free to Full APP members; nonmembers can pay $20 to access a single, live talk.

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