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“Precognition: The Only Form of Psi?”

Ed May (with Sonali Marwaha) has just published an important paper in the Journal of Consciousness Studies. “Precognition: The Only Form of Psi?”


Ed will be our guest during the APP “Talk With” on April 18, this Monday, to discuss this paper. Register here if not APP Paid Member:


Here is the abstract: Based on empirical evidence we discuss the nature of precognition, and address the questions whether retrocausation/precognition violates causality, whether precognition implies determinism, the questions of actual or probable futures, from where does the information arise, and other observed properties of precognition. This is followed by a discussion on the primacy of precognition by examining the various categories of psi. In our analysis, precognition is most likely the only form of psi, subsuming within it clairvoyance, telepathy, micro-PK, and the survival hypothesis. In this paper, we examine the various arguments for this assertion, the primary one being that it is impossible to close the precognition door.

Consciousness is getting more and more attention by main-stream scientists…still mostly at the physical-brain level. This is why Ed’s paper is so important. And, why getting out of the “psychic closet” is so important for educating society about the reality of precognition, remote viewing, etc.


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