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Dung Beetle Scoring System (AKA Poquiz Rating Method)

The Dung Beetle Scoring System is a rating method for remote viewing and associative remote viewing sessions developed by Alexis Poquiz. It builds on the much simplier but less sensitive SRI 7 point confidence ranking scale (aka Targ scale) that has been traditionally used since the 1990's. It has been designed for and successfully used within APP groups. It has also been utilized in regular RV research.

It was first cited in IRVA's Aperture Magazine in the Spring/Summer 2013 issue in an article written by Debra Lynne Katz and Michelle Bulgatz entitled, Remote Viewers Correctly Predict the Outcome of the 2012 Presidential Election “An expedition into the unexplored territory of remote viewing & rating human subjects as targets, within a binary protocol”

Alexis Poquiz is generously offering this system to anyone who would like to use it free of charge.

(although a donation to APP or any other RV research oriented organization is appreciated).

The system has been created in Excel. Click here to download. For additional information feel free to contact Alexis directly here.

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