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Stock Market Prediction Using Associative Remote Viewing by Inexperienced Remote Viewers by

Ten inexperienced remote viewers attempted to predict the outcome of the Dow Jones Industrial Average using associative remote viewing. For each trial in the experiment, each participant remotely viewed an image from a target set of two images, one of which he or she would be shown approximately 48 hours from that time. Of the two images in the

target set, one corresponded to whether the Dow Jones Industrial Average

(DJIA) would close up, while the other corresponded to whether it would

close down at the end of the intervening trading day. For feedback, the

viewers were shown only the picture actually associated with the actual

market outcome. In aggregate, the participants described the correct im-

ages, successfully predicting the outcome of the DJIA in seven out of seven

attempts (binomial probability test, p < .01). Investments in stock options

were made based on these predictions, resulting in a significant financial

First Published in the Journal of Scientific Exploration,

Vol. 28, No. 1, pp. 7–16, 2014


Department of Electrical, Computer, & Energy Engineering, University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado, USA

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